October   @ 1994

ALPHATECH established in Nirasaki-city,Yamanashi prefwith 5million yencapital.Starting remodeling, designing ,installation of semiconductorproduction equipment mainly coater & developer system.

April @@@    1995

Service Contracted with Tokyo Electron Ltd, providing start-up service,remodeling, maintenance staff.

April @@    @1996

Contracted with RenesusTechnology (former HitachiLtd.) designing & producing chemical supply system, including remodelingand maintenance service.

September   1998

Head Office moved to Uenoyama Nirasaki-city, Yamanashi Prefecture.

July @@@     2000  

Sales office & Design Development Division;was set up inChitose-city,Hokkaido.

August @   @2000

Increased capital to 10 million Yen.

April @@@  @2006

Made contract with Tokuyama Corp, providing production service andtechnical service and support regarding automatic coating equipment. Its R&D,design and production included.

October    @2007

Starting remodeling and maintenance for transferring equipmentfor TokyoElectron and SSM, affiliated company.

April @@@  @2008

Affiliated company,RedroverJapan Co., Ltd established. Starting high-resolution 3D display & systembusiness, including sales and supportmaintenance.